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"But I'm feeling MUCH better now"

for family, friends, and those idle days when I feel like writing

2 November 1976
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Hello, nice of you to take an interest in me.

I'm an American by birth, lived in Texas, Georgia, Colorado, Sweden, and Las Vegas. My parents (an English professor and a restaurant manager) taught me to be independent, and I've been "doing my own thing" since I was legally able to live on my own.

I enjoy hockey, CounterStrike (and sooo many more video and computer games), reading, music, and communing with nature.

In my daydreams I'm a hermit with a house surrounded by nature in the mountains inaccessible by foul humanity ... but in reality I'm dependent (I'm ready to give up my nomadic life for the sake of love, should I find it) and something of a people-person.

My goal in life is to understand (as much as possible in one lifetime) how others see things.

I want to know why Zen Buddhists believe what they do, how exactly Bush came to be president (quite baffling to me), how I can become Wiccan without scorn from my Catholic family, and I'd love to fully grasp Chaos Theory and how fractal patterns influence our world. Maybe I'm trying to sound deep ... I also can spend hours fidgeting with a small plastic bottlecap or watching the way honey drizzles from a spoon.

So from the trivial to the controversial, I enjoy it all. I like talking about myself, but stop when I realize what I'm doing so that I can once again focus on listening to others and begin to see things through their eyes. So, please write and tell me about yourself :)