I seem to be upsetting or irritating everyone I have dealings with the past week+

I don't feel any different, what am I doing differently? The first few incidents/arguments I felt justified in my perspective -- I still do, but with so many people aligned against me, perhaps the error IS with me. Bleh.

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable

(I edited a few things in this article, though there's still a few foul words -- the main body of this article is NOT my writing, but I thought I would share.)

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable

By: David Wong

Scientists call it the Naked Photo Test, and it works like this: say a photo turns up of you nakedly doing something that would shame you and your family for generations. Bestiality, perhaps. Ask yourself how many people in your life you would trust with that photo. If you're like the rest of us, you probably have at most two.

Even more depressing, studies show that about one out of four people have no one they can confide in.

The average number of close friends we say we have is dropping fast, down dramatically in just the last 20 years. Why?

#1. We don't have enough annoying strangers in our lives.

That's not sarcasm. Collapse )

March Milestones

Three years ago in March, I left Sweden.

Two years ago in March, I quit smoking.

One year ago in March, I got married.

This year in March, we got our first house, and Ja' got married.

About time for an update

Been a while since I said hi. Hi!

My birthday, and all of the month of November, was pretty nice. JD and I are just starting to do a little home-hunting. Yesterday I got a raise (Woot!) Shame I couldn't post it on Facebook where most people seem to be these days, but some folks there are my coworkers and they already think I make too much money :P (I don't entirely disagree.)

We've got our Christmas tree and stockings up. JD went nuts and got me a ton of packages, our tree can barely contain them. We're like kids - we even do an advent calendar to count down the days. I baked cookies this weekend - not pretty enough to distribute as gifts, but we had fun making them (and eating them!)

ETA - the photos Debbie mentions in comments, as found in John David's Facebook Album for Christmas 2010.

Fun in the Fall -- 101010, a nifty date and binary for "42" - a SciFi geek's favorite number!

Great weekend.

Things started out kinda non-weekend-y -- I worked until 9pm Friday evening. Since our group Game Night was canceled, JD came up to my workplace and helped me by running things to the copier, fax, & filing cabinets while I composed, printed, signed, and logged all the shuffling about -- got most of *my* work caught up, some of which I was over a week behind on, so that's awesome. Next week I'll need to tackle more of my boss' work. He's on vacation for the entire month. I managed to return his phone calls and sort through a month's worth of messages in the first week, but I haven't been returning the calls he got this week. Will need to set up appointments to meet most of these folks, which will eat more into my work time since that's normally what he takes care of :P

But then things got much better :)

Sat we got up early and went into JD's shop. We hung sheet-rock for the arched doorway in the medieval-themed showroom. That room should be complete this week. Then we hung up the rest of the building front's sign-work, so that's complete. All hot-and-sweaty from the scaffolding work, we packed up, played with our poor lonely shop kitten, then went out on a Halloween costume mission. We're going to a Hollywood-themed party in a couple weeks, costume required. You have to be either an actor/actress or a famous movie character. I'd narrowed my costume ideas down to 3 (with a great deal of help from JD's creative mind): April O'Neal from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity, or Princess Leia from Star Wars. We hit Goodwill first, looking for bright yellow jumpsuits, brown coveralls, or white frock dresses - we found a few possibles that would need a bit of alteration or dye... then on to the Women's Shelter, then Wal-Mart, then Hobby Lobby.

We lucked out and found a white frock dress, then back to Goodwill for some white boot/shoes. Found some with freakin' giant SPRINGS in the heels - turns out they're terrific orthopedic shoes for people with back problems. The original shoes went for $100, but at Goodwill I got my sci-fi lookin' freaky-spring-shoes for $3.99, hehe. Home to try the outfit on - needs a spot of mending, missing the right color socks, but otherwise I'm all set. (We're working on optional "buns" for the headwear -- there was a movie character named Princess Bunhead in a movie parody called Thumb Wars, thinking I might go as her, as well... I'll provide pictures.

Today we went geocaching. It's been far too long since our last outing. We only found 2 out of 4, but the 4th we might have had better luck with had it not been twilight when we started. The 3rd required finding coordinates written at a specific location -- where a young lady was sitting and studying, so we were kinda thwarted, but we plan to go back for that one, too.

Apparently this is the 10th anniversary of Geocaching, so JD and I got an online "trophy" for finding a cache today. Crazy random happenstance!

So happy 10/10/10, folks. Time to gear up for another work week, aieee!
rat's ass

work whinge

Client called the office, said we were fired because the legal assistant (that's me) was always too busy to take his calls.

My offense? It took me more than an hour to return a call. He called at 10:10 then 11:30 - angry @ 11:30 because I had not called back. ON A MONDAY MORNING. He chewed out the receptionist because I had not called back. I called him back in the afternoon and said hey, don't get mad at the receptionist because I haven't called back. He said he didn't care. I told him sometimes I'm with a client for more than an hour, and we have a 24-hour-return-call time anyway, so sometimes it might be a day. His matter was NOT urgent, it was an FYI he could've left in a message.

I asked if there was anything we could do to change his mind, he said no. I said we've already done all the work that was necessary to win his case, we're just waiting for a decision, he said he didn't care.

Even though I didn't do anything wrong, unless I sounded exasperated that Monday, this still bugs me. I want to keep calling him and saying, "really? Honestly? You expect people to call you back within an hour or an 8-month project is OFF, even when it's not an urgent matter, and you called on a Monday morning when I had appointments?" He said he's going to get another attorney. Wow... wait until he meets the local majority of attorney offices and their stellar return-call-times of NEVER. *grumble mutter* (Still miffed I lost us a client, though. Of course, we'll still get paid if our work won the case.)

I work until 8pm 2-3 nights a week just trying to keep up, and this is the recognition I get. I could almost wish I had as much time on my hands as all my unemployed clients who call me daily asking me what I'm doing (Well DUH, I'm talking to the other 249 clients before you who just called to see what I was doing, and then AFTER 5pm when I don't have to take calls, I'm actually getting some work done on some cases!)

Wish someone other than my husband would see that my workload is making me crack up - my coworkers think I don't do very much and all dislike me because I'm a spazzing stressball all day and I flip out when stuff they do adds to my workload.

Wish You Were Here

I wish you were here.

Yes, YOU.

Yes, you reading this right now. Pick up your index finger, point to yourself - that's who I'm talkin' about. I'd sip a latte with ya, or we'd hit a restaurant bar for the harder stuff if that's your style, 'cause I like a good time no matter the scene.

Friend, family, random aquaintance with whom I share an interest -- I'd like to spend some real-life time with you, right this moment.

But this entry will have to suffice. If I can't entertain you in person, I hope you're at least having a nice go of the day ;)

Twinge of Guilt

I essentially told a client that I did not have time for them today. He replied he'd stop calling and bothering me and I couldn't take it back, though I tried, he still ended the call with a repeated "We won't bother you again."

I went above and beyond to help them. I looked into venues I'd never pursued before. I made calls that were NOT my job to make, because I cared. The thanks I got? They asked me to make more. I did. They called again today to ask me to make more and I said it's getting to be too much, let me write you a letter - but PLEASE give me until tomorrow morning to get it to you, I'm seriously stressed and overworked. I busted my butt to squeeze in their letter early, got it done today.

They called back this afternoon - had I written the letter (the one I asked to be given until tomorrow to take care of)? I broke. I said something I can't take back. I feel I did a good job, but it was all ruined by one stressed comment, and now I feel like shit.

These people are losing their home because someone told them an untruth, because the government takes a long time and they were told they'd have an answer by now. Their answer may even come through as a denial, and then they will have nothing... and I whined because someone turned the copier off before I could get the last item of the day done, because I stay at work until 8pm 2-3 nights a week, and because when our receptionist has to run errands for the other attorney, I have to do her job. This just became a whine - when will I stop being so selfish? At least I have a place to live.

(no subject)

I heard a "radio fact show" that said that when we shift our sleep schedules on the weekend to stay up a little bit later, we're essentially giving ourselves jetlag, just like living in a different time zone for a couple days would do.

Makes sense.

Aunt Lisa's party, while actually just down the road in Broaddus, Texas, was seemingly held in Hawaii, as far as my internal clock read. (It seemed to fit that while the party started at 6pm, most people showed up around 10.) Since she's a singer, she performed her own party. She is very talented.

Still groggy. Good luck in your Mondays, folks.

ps - totally unrelated but news - we no longer have a 2nd cat. Landlady said we had to pay a separate non-refundable fee - $400 per cat is not a justifiable expense right now. I really, really miss little Sooba :(
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